I was a transplant to California in 1991, having arrived here from New England on a business trip, my heart felt at home here in San Francisco, and the West Coast has been called home ever since. It is in this land, so many of us are (re)born to California living and, if we stick around long enough, to its state of mind.

In 2016, my wife and I bought an Airstream trailer to experience and photograph the West in a whole new way. Early in our travels, we came up with the concept for the (re)Born in California collection, artful depictions of California life, off the beaten path, from above. Unless you are California native, you may not recognize the locations of these images, but you will get an excellent idea of what it is like to be uniquely Californian.

This collection is ever growing with the California-based restaurant, hotel chain or company startup in mind, looking to reflect an atmosphere of California which is not found in mass-order poster art.